This very special Audi RS6 Avant once belonged to professional skier, car enthusiast, and envy generator Jon Olsson. The widebody stance was inspired by German DTM cars, and Olsson decided that he wanted one for the road. After owning and winter driving a couple of Lamborghins and an R8 (all with ski boxes on their roofs), it was time for a change. Former chief engineer at Koenigsegg Leif Tufvesson was gifted the task of overseeing the design envisioned by Olsson. The result was something that far surpassed the meager 500 horsepower of an actual DTM car. Upgrades included twin 18 karat gold anodized turbochargers, custom Intrax suspension, and the biggest brakes that Stertman Motorsport could fit under the wheels, in addition to a decent amount of one-off carbon fiber body pannels and aero bits. The DTM RS6 produced 950 horsepower on pump gasoline and north of 1000 on race fuel. Olsson sold the car in June 2015 after which it was tragically stolen at gunpoint while filming a promotional video in Amsterdam. After turning the car off the thieves were unable to start it again as the keys were left behind with the owner. It was found burnt out in a parking garage. A tragic death for such an amazing and unique car.

Posted @Whippstagram on Instagram, Nov 25th 2015


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