TVR Speed 12


One tonne. One thousand horsepower. Koenigsegg wasn’t the first manufacturer to produce a road car with one horsepower per kilo, but they were the first to make it useable on public roads. With the Speed 12, TVR set out to take on the mighty McLaren F1 in GT racing and in the road car business. Powered by a behemoth 7.73 litre V12 which is said to have produced in excess of 1000 horsepower (unverified because it destroyed TVR’s dyno when they tried to test it), the Speed 12 never really got a chance to win a race before rule changes and the scrapping of the GT1 class forced it out of competition. TVR decided that they would produce a road-going version so that their hard work wouldn’t go to waste, which was to be produced alongside a new GT2 racing version. The road car would apparently have a top speed of over 240mph. After taking deposits on the £188,000 monster, then-head of TVR Peter Wheeler drove the car home one night after work. He returned the next morning and declared that the ludicrous power available was simply too much. The car was undriveable in the real world. TVR continued to race the Speed 12 in the British GT series, but its brief life as a road car was over.

Posted @Whippstagram on Instagram, Dec 2nd 2015

TVR Speed 12

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