The Best Ever: 2015 Mercedes F1 W06


This sublime piece of engineering is the Mercedes-Benz F1 W06 Hybrid, and it’s fair to say that it ran away with the 2015 Formula One season. It was just named racing car of the year at the Autosport awards, and statistically it’s the most dominant Formula One car ever, capturing 703 constructor’s points of a possible 817. Drivers, pit crews, and strategies don’t mean much without a reliable, fast car, and the W06 is the carbon fibre embodiment of those qualities. It was certainly most powerful car on the 2015 F1 grid due to some extremely clever engineering. The V6’s single turbocharger sits nestled between the banks of cylinders; a design which allows for a smaller intercooler and in turn allows for smaller side pods, making the car more aerodynamic than the previous year’s W05. Described by Mercedes as evolutionary rather than revolutionary, the car was also lighter than its predecessor. In total, it won 16 of the 19 grands prix, started from pole position 18 times, and saw 1-2 finishes twelve times in 2015. Mercedes understands the old adage: ‘you’re only as good as your last race’ very well, and fans the world over look forward to seeing where the car will go from here. Personally I’m hoping next season sees some drama and competition between constructors and not just between Hamilton and Rosberg. Roll on March 20th and the Australian Grand Prix!

Published @Whippstagram on Instagram, Dec 8th 2015

The Best Ever: 2015 Mercedes F1 W06

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