Ferrari 330 P4


The 330 P4 embodies the glamour of 60s Sportscar racing in the flowing lines of its beautiful body. Packing a 4.0 litre V12, it’s got a voice to match the drama of its physical form.

Ferrari’s P series of sports prototypes came as a rebuttal to Ford’s dominance with the GT40. The Colombo V12 found in the P3 was Scuderia Ferrari’s first to feature fuel injection, and produced 450 horsepower at 8000 rpm(!). Thanks to its powerhouse motor and lightweight components the racer could hit 199 mph in a straight line.

The P series cars were a resounding success. At the 1967 24 hours of Daytona a P3/4, P4, and 412 P crossed the finish line three abreast, mirroring Ford’s triumphant finish at Le Mans the previous year with their GT40s. The 1-2-3 finish proved that Maranello could still take the fight to Detroit.

Posted @Whippstagram on Instagram, May 11th 2016.

Ferrari 330 P4