The E-Type Jag is a Design Legend


When the E-Type Jag went on sale in 1961 Enzo Ferrari called it ‘the most beautiful car ever made’. The Museum of Modern Art agreed, and exhibited an E-Type as part of a six car show of sublime design. (Watch this space for more on those cars) Jag’s designers certainly earned their paycheques on this one.

The Series I was a masterpiece with the legs to match its looks. For the money, it couldn’t be touched. The E was based on the tubular chassis with monocoque principle that had made the D-Type such a formidable racer. Powered by Jaguar’s venerated straight six XK motor, it was capable of 150 mph in a straight line. That’s what journalists reported anyway, as Jaguar engineers fettled the engines of press cars, raised the rev limiters and sent them out on racing tyres. Still, four wheel disc brakes and independent suspension made the E-Type an unbeatable performance car for its price.

The E-Type went through 3 series during its production-span, culminating with the 5.3 l V12 powered Series 3. The car became an icon of the 60s for its simple, beautiful cool and its spirit of having fun and living fast. It’s design still wins awards to this day. Makes you wonder which cars of today will age so gracefully.

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The E-Type Jag is a Design Legend

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